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Webinaire en Philosophie de la Psychiatrie

jeudi 21 janvier 2021
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Philosophy of Psychiatry is an expanding field of research. Well known research topics include the scientificity of Psychiatry, its role and explanatory power, as well as its interactions with neighbouring disciplines such as Psychology, Neuroscience, Sociology, Anthropology, etc. Philosophy of Psychiatry also relates to traditional questions of Philosophy of Science such as ones about models, proof, causality, and categorisation. It brings into consideration some phenomenological approaches to mental condition(s) and their relationship to cognition in general, and to more particular processes and functions such as rationality, agentivity or emotions. Researchers in the field investigate concept(s) or conception(s) of mental disorder compared to neurotypicality, as well as the possible models and conceptualizations of mental health. Philosophy of Psychiatry has also recently been animated by ethical considerations, opening the field to new research topics, such as the validity and usefulness of different diagnostic categories, the merits and limits of the Neurodiversity movement, the integration of patients in psychiatric research and clinics, the tools to find appropriate mental health policies and methodologies, the influence of pharmaceutical companies on psychiatry, the role and limits of values in psychiatric theories and practice, etc.

By investigating these different themes in a philosophical perspective, this Webinar aims to contribute to a better understanding of clinical and theoretical psychiatry. Every two weeks, internationally renowned experts in the field will present their work to the audience, who will then be invited to take part in a discussion.

The webinar will take place on Thursday (Eastern Time), beginning on January 21, 2021. It is freely accessible on Zoom (# of meeting, password and link to be announced).