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Evasão escolar no Ensino Secundário em Quebec (Canadá)


Among Canadian provinces, Quebec has the highest rate of youths without a secondary education degree, i.e., 11.5% in 2016. The study aimed to: a) examine the profile of these youths and map the reasons why they did not complete their course of study; b) analyze the extent to which government programs implemented to prevent and fight school dropout are effective and equitable. A bibliographic research was conducted with the Scopus, Eric and Érudit databases. Official publications of the Quebec government were also examined. School dropout was found to be higher: among males than among females; in the public education system (18.4%) than in the private system (7.6%). In schools in Indian reserves, dropout rates reach 81.3%. Parental lack of education is among the main causes of school dropout. (article en portuguais)


Maria Gloria da Silva, S., Kamanzi, P.C. (2017). Evasão escolar no Ensino Secundário em Quebec (Canadá). Cadernoscenpec pesquisa e açao educacional, 7(2), 28-59.

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