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Social Media in Scholarly Communication


This year marks 350 years since the inaugural publications of both the Journal des Sçavans and the Philosophical Transactions, first published in 1665 and considered the birth of the peer-reviewed journal article. This form of scholarly communication has not only remained the dominant model for disseminating new knowledge (particularly for science and medicine), but has also increased substantially in volume. Derek de Solla Price – the “father of scientometrics” (Merton and Garfield, 1986, p. vii) – was the first to document the exponential increase in scientific journals and showed that “scientists have always felt themselves to be awash in a sea of the scientific literature” (Price, 1963, p. 15), as, for example, expressed at the 1948 Royal Society's Scientific Information Conference:


Haustein, S., Sugimoto, C.R. et Larivière, V. (2015). Social Media in Scholarly Communication. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 67(3).

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