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Shaping feminist artificial intelligence


This article examines the historical and contemporary shaping of feminist artificial intelligence (FAI). It begins by looking at the microhistory of FAI through the writings of Alison Adam and her graduate students to enrich the plural histories of AI and to write back feminist history into AI. Then, to explore contemporary examples of how FAI is being shaped today and how it deploys a multiplicity of meanings, I provide the following typology: FAI (1) as model, (2) as design, (3) as policy, (4) as culture, (5) as discourse, and (6) as science. This typology sheds light on the following questions: What does the term FAI mean? How has FAI been shaped over time?


Toupin, S. (2023). Shaping feminist artificial intelligence. New Media & Society, 26(1), 580-595

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