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Social Media and the Documentation of Creative Work


Social media constitutes an exciting new site for artists and creative workers to show, document and problematise their work. Drawing from rich publicly available social media data that artists and creative workers have posted, we focus our attention on the more ordinary, mundane, and non-heroic elements of creative work as a gateway to new insights about creative work. We provide visual examples that exemplify moments of creative work that tend to remain hidden from the public eye—namely moments that showcase imperfection, incompleteness, and impermanence. In doing so, we contribute to the demystification of creative work and problematise how social media not only affects what we know about creative work but also the boundaries of what counts as and is expected of creative work.


Endrissat, N., Sergi, V. et Bonneau, C. (2024). Social Media and the Documentation of Creative Work. Dans E. Andersson Cederholm, K. Lindqvist, I. de Wit Sandström et P. Warkander (dir.), Creative Work: Conditions, Contexts and Practices (p. 125-141). London : Routledge

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