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The logic of regeneration


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This book is the result of a multi-disciplinary project at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, which brought together historians, philosophers, and biologists around the topic of regeneration. The first of a series examining how regeneration occurs at different scales of life, such as stem cells, germ line cells (MacCord 2024), microbial communities (Inkpen and Doolittle 2022), and ecosystems, it provides an insightful description of the core issues, assumptions, goals, and hopes that underpin this project (Chapters 1 and 4), as well as a brief historical account of our understanding of regeneration in individual organisms, from Aristotle to today’s regenerative medicine (mostly in Chapters 2 and 3).[...]


Bolduc, G. (2024). The logic of regeneration. Metascience, 1-5.

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