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Shaping 21st Century AI – Controversies and Closure in Media, Policy, and Research 


AI has become the subject of heated debate in recent years, from scientific discussions sparked by the release of new language models to public outrage following the firing of experts by big tech companies and societal concerns about the use of face recognition technologies by the police, and in schools. In this social research project, we will map and analyse controversies about AI across different spheres: research, policy and the media.

Our objective is to identify what are the most important, possibly overlooked, concerns, disputes and problematics that have arisen in the last 10 years in relation to AI as a strategic area of research, public policy and societal change.


Fonds d'initiatives internationales


2021-02 - 2024-01

Axes associés


Christian Katzenbach


Noortje Marres
Donato Ricci