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Quebec CEGEPs as models of social and curricular adaptation


This book explores new and distinctive forms of higher vocational education across the globe, and asks how the sector is changing in response to the demands of the 21st century. These new forms of education respond to two key policy concerns: an emphasis on high skills as a means to achieve economic competitiveness, and the promise of open access for adults hitherto excluded from higher education. Examining a range of geographic contexts, the editors and contributors aim to address these contexts and highlight various similarities and differences in developments. They locate their analyses within the various political and socio-economic contexts, which can make particular reforms possible and achievable in one context and almost unthinkable in another. Ultimately, the book promotes a critical understanding of evolving provisions of higher vocational education, refusing assumptions that policy borrowing from apparently ‘successful’ countries offers a straightforward model for others to adopt.


Bégin-Caouette, O. (2021). Quebec CEGEPs as models of social and curricular adaptation. . Dans A.-M. B. Elizabeth Knight, Kevin Orr, Susan Webb, Leesa Wheelahan, Gavin Moodie (dir.), Equity and Access to High Skills through Higher Vocational Education (1e éd.). Springer International Publishing.

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