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From a multicultural to a multiracial society? Some trends in current research


The prism of multiculturalism seems to have been abandoned in favor of diversity. [...]studies of ethnic groups are becoming less popular than those focusing on indigenous or racialized groups. Conclusion Relying merely on the number of applications submitted to SSHRC (which obviously offers an incomplete view of the situation, and would benefit from further refinement, particularly with regard to the age and language of applicants), Canadian researchers increasingly perceive Canada as a ("settler-colonial") and racialized society. Researchers have, therefore, been able to replace the study of ethnic groups, in part, with a focus on colonized and racialized groups, in line with the quest for social justice that has always inspired multicultural policies. Master's and Doctoral Scholarships, Knowledge Development, Knowledge, Connection, Major Collaborative Research Initiatives, Partnership Engagement, Partnership Development, Partnership, Standard Research Grants. 47 Michael J. Donnelly (2021) Discrimination and Multiculturalism in Canada: Exceptional or Incoherent Public Attitudes?, American Review of Canadian Studies, 51:1, p. 166-188; Augie Fleras, 50 Years Of Canadian Multiculturalism: Accounting for its Durability, Theorizing the Crisis, Anticipating the Future, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Canadian Ethnic Studies Association, Volume 51, Number 2, 2019, pp. 9-59.


Larregue, J. et Warren, J.-P. (2023). From a multicultural to a multiracial society? Some trends in current research. Canadian Issues, 19-23.

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