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Socio-spatial dynamics of the locality and school careers


This summary literature review discusses the results of theoretical and empirical researches that have analyzed the influence of socio-spatial dynamics of urban territories and, more precisely, the effects of neighborhood characteristics on students’ school careers. While some authors have mainly analyzed the influence of social interactions between residents and poor neighborhood physical conditions, others have focused on the effects of the distribution of educational opportunity and training provision in a given area, as well as on families’ strategies to access quality institutions. Although the authors adopt different analytical perspectives depending on the social contexts and their disciplinary affiliations, there is a relative convergence on the existence of a link between students’ school careers and certain socio-spatial characteristics of their parents’ place of residence. Social production and reproduction of educational inequalities are not only the effect of resources disparities (cultural, social and economic capitals) between families, but also of the characteristics of the neighborhood residence area and the territorial distribution of educational and training provision.


Canisius Kamanzi, P., Uzenat, M. et St-Onge, M. (2021). Socio-spatial dynamics of the locality and school careers. Revue française de pédagogie, 210(1), 113-137

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