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Dialectic, the Dictum de Omni and Ecthesis


In this paper, we provide a detailed critical review of current approaches to ecthesis in Aristotle’s Prior Analytics, with a view to motivate a new approach, which builds upon previous work by Marion & Rückert (2016) on the dictum de omni. This approach sets Aristotle’s work within the context of dialectic and uses Lorenzen’s dialogical logic, hereby reframed with use of Martin-Löf's constructive type theory as ‘immanent reasoning’. We then provide rules of syllogistic for the latter, and provide proofs of e-conversion, Darapti and Bocardo and e-subalternation, while showing how close to Aristotle’s text these proofs remain.


Crubellier, M., Marion, M., McConaughey, Z., et Rahman, S. (2019). Dialectic, the Dictum de Omni and Ecthesis. History and Philosophy of Logic, 40 (3), 207-233.

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