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Success of Open Innovation Events for Solvers


This quantitative study explores the outcomes of open innovation events for solvers and how such events can be successful for such participants. Specifically, the relationships among event design, solver motivation and outcomes are studied. How such an event impacts the capability of the solver to interact with the innovation ecosystem is also presented. We discovered that design elements impact the OI event outcomes, intrinsic motivation of solvers has a moderating effect on the relationship between OI design and outcomes, and open innovation events positively affect the solvers’ capacity to interact with the innovation ecosystem. Our results have implications for promoters to better design open innovation events and for solvers to ensure that they benefit from their participation.


Thisse, B., Gagné, C., Armellini, F., Veilleux, S. et Beaudry, C. (2022). Success of Open Innovation Events for Solvers. International Journal of Innovation Management, 2240027.